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The Multiple Uses Of Reloadable Prepaid Cards

There are different types of prepaid cards that you can find in the market and one of the popular choices is reloadable prepaid cards. With this type of card, you can load money in your cards and this is definitely going to make your life hassle free.

For The Money Minded

If you are money minded and you want to be sure of the places where you are putting your money, the right thing to do is to analyze the details of the total cost that will be incurred. Based upon the rates that are charged and the overall money that you will have to bear, you will be able to pick the finest cards that can help you out.

Recharge Your Money On The Go

With reloadable prepaid cards, you can fill in more money as and when you want. This is a better alternative than having a new card from time to time. As you can reload money, it will turn out to be the right choice and economical too in the long run.

Various hackers on the prowl desire to get hold of your card details and thereby gain unauthorized access to your money. Whenever you are buying prepaid cards, just check out the security measures that are being offered. We provide you facilities of reloadable prepaid cards as well as best prepaid debit cards empowered with smart technology that assure the best security standards and complete expediency at all times.

Revolutionizing the way you pay online!

Making use of the latest cutting edge technology to make your financial lives simpler and easier is the motto of us. With the best non reloadable prepaid cards and reloadable ones we make sure you break free from the old methods and embrace the power of paying anywhere, anytime you like.

We make card to card transfer of funds simple, quick and easy, not to mention the security we provide for each and every transaction you make. Don’t worry as your money is safe with us! You can go for a reloadable card and deposit cash into your virtual account with easy eWallet reload facilities. Card to card reload facilities also available!

No penalty, no hidden costs, no overdraft, no credit check, only simple payment solutions. What are you waiting for? Apply for your card today!

Add Funds

to the cardDNA card

4 fast and convenient ways to add funds to your card. The choice is yours.

Flexible, Configurable and Scalable System

Quickly create incentive card programs designed to any specification. The i2c platform is driven by user-defined parameters and business rules so companies can create programs to meet the specific needs of their business. New programs can be added in a matter of hours and changes can be made real-time.

Plastic, Virtual or Mobile

We support all types of incentive card programs, including traditional programs accessed with a plastic card and emerging programs that incorporate virtual accounts and mobile redemption.

Rewards and Incentives

Integrate digital coupons and discounts to provide cardholders with extra incentives or rewards.

Highly Secure and Stable

The i2c platform adheres to the highest security and processing standards. Sensitive data is protected by advanced security design and technologies while a robust production environment ensures the highest levels of system availability.

Comprehensive Reporting

Companies can access our on-demand reporting tool to clearly understand and optimize their incentive card programs. The ability to filter, sort and schedule both transaction and analytical reports makes it easy for companies to share customized data across their organizations.